Case Study –  Vickers Oils, Clarence Road, Leeds

Client: Benjamin R. Vickers & Sons Ltd

Location: Leeds


Project Challenges & Solution


  • Active site with ongoing manufacturing/distribution activities

  • Live services on site

  • Potential contamination issues


The Solution


  • Liaison with the Manufacturing Manager and Architect to ensure that the site investigation works were planned and undertaken with consideration given to activities conducted on site with minimal disruption to business requirements.

  • A full survey of utilities and services on site.  CAT scan of each location where ground investigation works are proposed on site.

  • A site wide assessment of contamination to include review of previous works, a desk study assessment of potential contamination, and soil sampling in targeted areas along with general site coverage. Followed by laboratory analysis of samples for potential contaminant species that were identified during desk study or during liaison with Manufacturing Manager.


The Benefits

  • Value Engineering.

  • Close liaison with planners and regulatory authorities to ensure the proposed scope of site works were agreed with all parties prior to commencing works.

  • Strict adherence to health and safety protocols, all relevant risk assessment, method statements and regulations.

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