Value Engineering


We have a wide range of experience working in brownfield development in both commercial and residential markets. We provide a value engineering approach, delivering sustainable and practical engineering solutions in appropriate development timescales.


Times have changed and the financial constraints for the development of existing and future sites are considerable. Many construction projects have been shelved because of development costs associated with remediation abnormals. Trust is important and we understand the importance of developing a working relationship. We would therefore be happy to carry out a review of any existing remediation strategies, investigations and proposals you may have with a view to providing a more economic value engineering solution. This review will be undertaken free of charge on the basis that if an alternative solution is identified we would be in the position to bid for future work.


The team at PWA Geo-Environmental work together to ensure all the aspects land regeneration are addressed from land reprofiling through to SuDS potential. In addition we can provide services to enable developments to meet current and emerging sustainability criteria. The broad range of specialist skills applied to your site will ensure that bespoke cost effective solutions are delivered. Our approach ensures the risks are identified, qualified and mitigated at an early stage. We will ensure validation processes are robust and your site is future proofed.


We can manage and supervise all elements of the earthworks and remediation process, including liaison with appropriate regulators and obtaining ultimate sign off for validation reports allowing the developer to concentrate on what they do best.



Soil Waste Management


In September 2008, CL:AIRE published "The Definition Of Waste: Development Industry Code Of Practice" (CoP), which sets out good practice for assessing whether excavated materials should be classified as waste and the circumstances when treated waste can cease to be waste. It describes an auditable system to demonstrate that the CoP has been adhered to on a site by site basis.


The CoP applies to both uncontaminated and contaminated material from manmade and natural sources excavated: for use on the site from which it has been excavated, either without treatment or after on-site treatment, in the development of that land.The CoP is voluntary, however the Environment Agency considers that if materials are dealt with in accordance with the CoP then they are unlikely to be considered waste at the point of reuse for land redevelopment. The CoP represents an important step towards self-regulation by the development industry.


The EA believe that a modern regulatory approach enables them to target their resources at sites and activities that pose the highest risk to the environment including poor performers and illegal operators.


When the declaration demonstrates that the materials are to be dealt with in accordance with the Code of Practice, The EA will take the view that the materials on the site where they are to be used will not be waste.


Our personnel have extensive experience of applying this CoP, including Hub and Cluster sites and work on schemes where up to 40,000m3 of soil has been retained for re-use, generating cost savings of up to £2,000,000 on a single project.

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  • Addressing and understanding site abnormals

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