Lancashire CC Primary Care Trust, Colne

Our client proposed construction of this building to lease out to the Lancashire County Council Primary Care Trust.

Our Services


We have a successful track record working in both the commercial and residential markets, where we offer the services detailed below. We have a holistic approach driven by “lean thinking”, producing cost effective, sustainable development solutions.


Phase I and II Investigations

We have the broad depth of experience to take sites from the initial desk study (viability) stage through to detailed site investigation, including investigations for geological and mining appraisals, geotechnical investigations, contaminated land, slope stability and hazardous gas risk assessments.

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Remediation & Validation

Comprehensive design and reporting on remediation issues, including provision of Options Appraisals and Remedial Strategies and design of cover and containment systems. We also undertake supervision and validation of remediation works and supervision and design of earthworks construction including liaison with Local Authority and NHBC/insuring bodies in order to obtain regulatory approval to schemes. As part of our holistic engineering solution and value engineering we also undertake inspections and provide on-site construction advice.

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Site Waste Management

The Site Waste Management Plans Regulations were implemented in 2008 in order to reduce the impact of the construction industry with respect to waste. The key issues around the legislation relating to Site Waste Management are where, when and why SWMPs are required and how much/who is responsible to complete them. We can provide comprehensive advice on these key questions, which if approached correctly can identify early cost savings, especially in the reuse of soils, address sustainability and direct the appropriate recycling of waste materials.

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Value Engineering

Soil testing may show potentially contaminated soils on a site and developers/contractors might be inclined to follow a ‘worst case’ disposal cost route. We can provide assistance to utilise best practice and the application of the most up to date CL:AIRE guidance to enable decisions to be made on the suitability of on site materials for re-use (in geotechnical or environmental terms) and appropriate treatments technology should this be required.Understanding soil (waste) management and applying the best available guidance and protocols can generate significant savings and add benefit to the scheme by minimizing cost risk.

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Flood Risk Assessments

Demonstration of how flood risk from all sources of flooding to the development itself and flood risk to others will be managed now and in the future, taking account of predicted climate change.

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What makes us different...


  • Addressing and understanding site abnormals

  • Significant savings on final build costs

  • Delivering time savings

  • Sustainable value engineering

  • Viability and realising full site potential

  • Strong technical background