Phase II Assessments


Whether undertaken as a stand alone Phase II or as part of a combined Phase I/Phase II Investigation, our Phase II Assessments typically provide a succinct assessment of geotechnical issues; contamination; hazardous gas; mining issues, slope stability and the preparatory and remediation works necessary to render the site suitable for redevelopment. Our comprehensive investigations and reports aim to minimise the likelihood of further work.


A Phase II intrusive investigation comprises obtaining samples and carrying out testing from exploratory holes to obtain information about the ground conditions. The exploratory holes may include hand or machine excavated trial pits, mini rig boring, light cable percussive boring or rotary boring depending on the findings of the Phase I investigation and the requirements of the investigation.


The exploratory holes enable a programme of in-situ testing, laboratory testing (geotechnical and chemical) and monitoring to be undertaken culminating in a comprehensive interpretative report including a revised risk assessment and conceptual ground model. If required, in addition to our assessment as to the most suitable foundation types based upon the revealed site conditions, we can provide a full bespoke Foundation Design service through our parent company, Paul Waite Associates Ltd(Civil & Structural) .


Our investigations and reports are designed to obtain regulatory approval as part of the planning process, with respect to both Brownfield and Greenfield sites.

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