Phase I Assessment


A Phase I Assessment/Investigation, sometimes called a Desk Top Study, is the collation and review of published information about a site. The production of Desk Study Reports includes site reconnaissance visits, procurement and review of third party environmental, historical and geological data plus initial consultation with Regulatory Authorities and Statutory Bodies.


Our Phase I Assessments allow characterisation of the site and early identification of development issues which may affect the site and is an integral part of our phased approach to site investigation.


  • The benefits of carrying out a Phase I investigation prior to commencing intrusive works include:

  • Initial appraisal of the commercial viability of the project.

  • Allows the efficient targeting of project resources

  • Formulation of the preliminary geological ground model

  • Early identification of potential geohazards

  • Avoid money being wasted on inappropriate intrusive ground investigations

  • Provide early warning of possible delays or budget implications through previously unknown site characteristics

  • Provide information on possible contaminants and anticipated areas of contamination


The Phase I Report will enable developers to compile a preliminary assessment of abnormal costs associated with the proposed development and allow design of a targeted site investigation to address such development issues.


The requirement for a Phase I Investigation is emphasized further in CLR11 (Model Procedures for the Management of Contaminated Land), BS5930 and BS10175.

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