Case Study –  Industrial Site, Keighley

Location: Keighley, Bradford


Our client was looking to complete the development of an industrial unit, however ground contamination remained an issue and planning was due to expire; with previous consults unable to provide a viable solution to discharge the planning conditions and move the project forwards.


Role & Challenges

We undertook a Phase 1 Geoenvironmental Assessment of the site which included a review of all the historical work, this identified short-comings in the historical work and allowed a targeted and focussed Phase II site investigation to be undertaken to address the issues. We engaged with the regulators early on in the project to ensure a clear strategy could be formulated to allow the development to progress for the site.

Whilst on site, the team encountered a number of challenges.

  • The discovery of Hydrocarbon contamination and free product (LNAPL) during the monitoring of historic boreholes

  • Elevated concentrations of ground gas were discovered. A specialist contractor was contacted to design retrospective ground gas protection measures for the building on-site.

  • Free product was encountered in the trial pits. Additional trial pitting in the surrounding area identified a historical oil sump in the vicinity of the contamination.

  • Groundwater sampling identified elevated concentration of chlorinated hydrocarbons including vinyl chloride in the groundwater. A DQRA was undertaken to assess the risk to the site and the surrounding receptors and determine the remedial targets required.


The Benefits

A cost effective remedial strategy was developed in a short timeframe to allow the discharge of the associated planning conditions prior to planning lapsing.

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