Flood Risk Assessments


Flood Risk Assessments (FRAs) are increasingly a requirement of planning conditions. We have the capability to provide full Flood Risk Assessments in accordance with the National Planning Policy Framework (2012) to satisfy both Local Authority Planning Departments and the Environment Agency.


Site specific FRAs are required by Local Planning Authorities to be submitted with planning applications in areas designated as being potentially susceptible to flooding where the site is located within Flood Zone 2 or 3 and the site is larger than 1 hectare.


The FRA is required to demonstrate how flood risk from all sources of flooding to the development itself and flood risk to others will be managed now and in the future, taking account of predicted climate change. Suitable consideration must also be given to the surface run-off from the proposed development.


We carry out sequential testing of the site under investigation in comparison with other identified sites within the area,which steers new development to the areas with the lowest probability of flooding. Such testing will depend on the vulnerability classification of the site and normally enhances the FRA and could be the difference between a site passing or failing, which in turn could be the key to commercial viability of the site.

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