Lancashire CC Primary Care Trust, Colne

Our client proposed construction of this building to lease out to the Lancashire County Council Primary Care Trust.

CEO: Paul Waite


Profile: Paul is a business and engineering leader with great skills in communication and developing winning strategies. His main company, Paul Waite Associates, has been recognised by the Association of Consulting Engineers as one of the most financially efficient consultancies with above levels of spending in training and IT. For our clients, this means that they enjoy the synergy and energy that we bring and the cost saving through best value.


Since 1988, Paul has built a civil and structural consultancy that loves taking ontough and challenging projects, taking

“impossible” sites and making them work. Paul is passionate about finding lean, mean yet robust ways to avoid massive ‘over engineering’ and the associated costs. Paul's vision was to create this Geo-Environmental company, which shares the same values as his engineering consultancy to bring real value to his clients with an integrated solution to clients that adds value and maximises profits.


Paul is a Chartered Engineer and a Member of the Institute of Structural Engineers.

David Kitching


David has 13 years’ experience of geo-environmental and geotechnical engineering consultancy for major civil, commercial/industrial and residential development projects throughout UK.  


With experience in the project management, procurement and administration of Phase 1 and 2 environmental and geotechnical assessments, and Phase 3 Remediation strategies, he has become responsible for the management and technical delivery of the geoenvironmental division within our multi-disciplinary consultancy.




Welcome to PWA Geo-Environmental:


Leading Geotechnical, Geoenvironmental and Regeneration Specialists


What makes us different...


  • Addressing and understanding site abnormals

  • Significant savings on final build costs

  • Delivering time savings

  • Sustainable value engineering

  • Viability and realising full site potential

  • Strong technical background