Lancashire CC Primary Care Trust, Colne

Our client proposed construction of this building to lease out to the Lancashire County Council Primary Care Trust.

A comprehensive consultancy service

PWA Geo-Environmental staff have a wide range of experience from the Geotechnical and Environmental Sectors including qualified Chartered Civil Engineers, Geologists, Hydrogeologists[PA1]  and Environmental Scientists, but it is our attention to detail, value engineering and overall holistic approach to any project that makes us different.

We are familiar with working in brownfield development in both commercial and residential markets. We provide a value engineering approach, delivering sustainable and practical engineering solutions in appropriate development timescales.


The team at PWA Geo-Environmental work together to ensure all the aspects land regeneration are addressed from land re-profiling through to SuDS potential. In addition we can provide services to enable developments to meet current and emerging sustainability criteria. The broad range of specialist skills applied to your site will ensure that bespoke cost effective solutions are delivered. Our approach ensures the risks are identified, qualified and mitigated at an early stage. We will ensure validation processes are robust and your site is future proofed.

Welcome to PWA Geo-Environmental:


Leading Geotechnical, Geoenvironmental and Regeneration Specialists


What makes us different...


  • Addressing and understanding site abnormals

  • Significant savings on final build costs

  • Delivering time savings

  • Sustainable value engineering

  • Viability and realising full site potential

  • Strong technical background